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That Blonde Momma
3 December
i am exactly who i want to be.

My name is Melody, I'm married to the most fantastic man on the face of this Earth and probably the greatest man in this galaxy. We have the most handsome son ever, who is a year old. We have a cat named Maurice. He's adorable! and I love him.

I've had a lot of jobs, but I'm also a makeup artist (MUA) and have been for 11 years. I was also a skincare and haircare specialist.

As far as makeup and cosmetics are concerned, I've worked exclusively with NARS Cosmetics, Vincent Longo, Awake, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Too Faced, Bare Minerals, Stila, Cargo, and a few others. I detest and pretty much hate MAC makeup. I don't know a single successful makeup artist that uses it or will admit to liking it. It's not made well, and it's a waste of money IMO. There are far better cosmetic lines out there that will give you better and longer lasting results, and in turn save you money. SAY NO TO MAC!

For skincare, I've worked exclusively with Leaf & Rusher, DDF, Murad, Peter Thomas Roth, Dermologica, Perricone M.D., Wexler, and a ton of others.

For haircare, I've worked exclusively with Frederick Fekkai, MOP, KMS, Bed Head, and a ton of others I can't remember right now.

When I say "exclusively" that means I've worked with the manufacturer and company themselves, not just an entire company meeting :P

If you have any questions about ANYTHING beauty related, just let me know!! I will do my best to answer questions with an educated answer, or at least point you in the direction you need to go!

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1 of my 11 tattoos, but these are my 4 strongest beliefs.

I LOVE the beatles!!!