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Christmas Icons | batch 1!Collapse )

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hey everyone, I decided to make a handful of awesomely carved pumpkin icons, since Halloween is right around the corner! :)


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ahhh finally got a new tattoo. I've been wanting this for a while. It's a cherry blossom branch with flowers... Sunset Ink, Sunset Beach, CA (OC area). I got it done by Ralf, the apprentice there, for FREE (however I have him $70 because it was awesome and that's all the cash i had on me). I was planning on just getting something smaller, or adding to another tattoo i already had.. but he drew up the branch and everything, exactly how i wanted it and was like "what the hell" and went for it. it took about 6 hours (and about 5 breaks) to finish it. i know it probably shouldnt have taken that long, but apparently he'd only been tattooing for 6 mos? pretty good on that end. and it turned out GREAT i think. obviously the pictures i'm posting are totally fresh, and the pink on the flowers is going to fade a great deal, and the swelling will go down a whole lot.

side note, has anyone ever gotten a tattoo up there on your shoulder and while it's happening, feel it simultaneously down the whole side of your body? haha my leg was so fucking twitchy while it was getting done! haha

but yay! here's my tattoo:

In the cherry blossom's shade, there's no such thing as a stranger.Collapse )
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By special request from mercat, here are 60 SHAG Pink Panther 40th Anniversary icons.

Please credit me, pianokitten, if you take any! ***THESE ARE NOT BASES***

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Pink Panther by SHAGCollapse )

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So I ♥ Josh Agle, better known as the artist SHAG. He's my favorite artist, and has been since 2003 when I saw his work for the first time.

Anyways, I made a bunch of icons yesterday from his set "Conspicuous Consumption". I also plan to make more for the rest of his stuffs! :)

Please comment and tell me how you like them or don't like them, and please make sure you credit me, pianokitten, if you use them! Also, ***THESE ARE NOT BASES!***

Thank you!!!

Conspicuous Consumption

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Lady PrometheusCollapse )

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save broadway!!!!!!

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I used to have a LOT of fun. Not exactly more fun than I have now, just a different kind of fun. I loved the friends I had and am still grateful for the friends I have, the new ones and the old ones. I'm so very grateful for my husband-- he has made my life better in so many ways. I'm grateful for my family and the better relationships I have with my parents, and I'm also grateful for my new family, courtesy of my husband. Kevin, Jo, Bonnie, and everyone else that have welcomed me into their family... it's so great to make new friends and be able to call them my family.

Now, what spurred this random bout of "me so lonely" attitude? Actually, it was reading Helen's old LJ posts from around 2005... 2005 was a pretty good year. Some trying times to say the least, but all-in-all, one of my favorite years. That was the year that I became very close with Helen and was lucky enough to call her one of my best friends. I got further into it and sort of was reading the "beginning of the end" for us, and by that, I mean- that was when another individual stepped in and kind of threw the both of us for a loop, and even though we had a hell of a time getting to the point during it, now we can look back and say this person DEFINITELY got in the middle of us and tore it down. Thankfully, even though she and I grew "apart" over the last couple of years, 2008 we spent building it up again. We're closer-- nothing like we used to be, but I hope we can be again soon. In fact, I look forward to being that close again. It's hard because not BOTH of us are married! Definitely a plus from where she and I sat in '05, and both or our men get along really well, but also makes it difficult to get together--- it's FANTASTIC being adults, eh?

So I'm not exactly "lonely" persay, more lonely for what I used to do. I kind of wish we could just step back into it and have it be like it was. I also kind of wish Mike could have experienced even a week of what my eventful life used to be, just so he knows what I mean when I say "I miss Helen" or "I'm bored, let's do something." I swear.... saying that to Mike is like saying "hey, let me pluck your pubes." SERIOUSLY! He hates it when I say "I'm bored, let's do something." It's the total opposite reaction of what it used to be.... when I said that to Helen long ago, I got a "ok let's go to Disneyland!" or "K, let's just drive" and then we'd end up at UCSB and back down to Disneyland in one freakin day.

Now we're all grown up and tired and doing things for the people we love and not so much for ourselves. I'm starting to understand those movies with the basis of the "wives clubs" where the women get together and talk and drink and have fun... hahaha that was so lame, but i mean it!

anyways, dear Helen, if you are reading this like I'm sure you are, let me say this:

I am so sorry for all the really REALLY dumb things that happened in the past. Not the good dumb things, the bad dumb things. I really do cherish all the fun times we had together and I don't think I could ever forget them, even if I tried-- but that would be stupid, because I'd never want to forget them. I'm really happy to call you my friend, and I'm sad we're not like we used to be, but I hope we can build it back up and at least make new awesome good times to remember foreva! I still love you mucho, like I always have!

And to everyone else reading this-- yeah, it sounds gay, no- it's not gay... well... maybe a little bit.. but not the kind of gay your thinking. so... REFRAIN FROM THE GAY COMMENTS OR I'LL GET REALLY PISSED OFF. thank you. :) hahahahaha
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Rest in Peace Miss Bettie Page!
You were a gorgeous woman who knew how to flaunt what you had, you were a cult classic and absolutely a pin-up icon!
You will be missed greatly....

Pinup Queen Bettie Page Dead at 85

Although her body was mortal, Bettie Page's image is forever young and feisty.

The 1950s-era model, whose saucy poses for publications like Beauty Parade, Twitter and an upstart rag called Playboy won her a legion of fans and a cult following long after her pinup days were over, died Thursday night at a Los Angeles hospital, nine days after suffering a heart attack. She was 85.

According to her agent, Page had been hospitalized for three weeks beforehand with pneumonia.

Page's trademark jet-black bangs and curvy figure—clad in slinky lingerie, bondage gear or other thematic costumes, if clad in anything at all—were fixtures on the pages of men's magazines from 1951 to 1957.

Hugh Hefnerpicked her to be Playboy's Playmate of the Month in January 1955

Her willingness to go wild in front of the camera also landed her the starring role in dozens of silent fetish shorts, featuring her as a dominatrix, with her biggest-selling still photo of all time coming from the featurette Leopard Bikini Bound. The only time the dancer and aspiring actress' voice was captured on film was in the feature-length Striporama, in which she had a small speaking role.

Of course, this was the 1950s, so all that risqué exposure came with a price.

In 1957, Page was called to testify before Congress during an investigation into the possible perversity of such photographs. She ultimately never had to take the stand, but many of the negatives from her gigs as a mail-order pinup were destroyed during the proceedings.

Page ended up leaving the life—and how—in 1959, when she became a born-again Christian, not long after suffering a nervous breakdown upon the collapse of her second marriage.

The Nashville native applied to be a missionary in Africa but was rejected because she had been divorced. She later ended up working for the Rev. Billy Graham's ministry. Depression and other mental issues clouded some of her later years

But while Page may have turned her back on her past, her fans didn't. The 1976 book A Nostalgic Look at Bettie Page won her a small but devoted following, and the photo reissues, film collections and reimagined accounts of her life and infamous career have been pouring forth ever since, including in 2005 when Gretchen Mol starred in The Notorious Bettie Page for HBO.

Page began giving interviews again in the 1990s, but wouldn't allow reporters to take her picture, figuring fans would prefer to remember the sultry sexpot she once was.

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